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At Grove House our curriculum aims to develop;

Well-being: At Grove House we aim to prepare children for a fulfilling future as well as attend to their present needs, hopes, interests and anxieties and promote their mental, emotional and physical welfare. We will help children to develop a strong sense of self, a positive outlook and maximise their ability to learn through good, evidence-informed teaching.

Engagement: At Grove House we aim to secure children’s active and enthusiastic engagement in their learning.

Empowerment: At Grove House we aim to excite, promote and sustain children’s agency, empowering them through knowledge, understanding, skill and personal qualities to profit from their learning, to discover and lead rewarding lives, and to manage life and find new meaning in a changing world.

Autonomy: At Grove House we aim to enable children to establish who they are and to what they might aspire, encourage their independence of thought and discrimination in the choices they make and help them to see beyond fashion to what is of value.

Encouraging Respect and Reciprocity: At Grove House we aim to promote respect for self, for peers and adults, for other generations, for diversity and difference, for ideas and values, and for common courtesy. Respect between child and adult should be mutual, for learning and human relations are built upon reciprocity.

Interdependence and Sustainability: At Grove House we aim to develop children’s understanding of humanity’s dependence for wellbeing and survival on equitable relationships between individuals, groups, communities and nations, and on a sustainable relationship with the natural world and help children to move from understanding to positive action.

Promoting Empowering Local, National and Global citizenship: At Grove House we aim to enable children to become active citizens by encouraging their full participation in decision-making within the classroom and school, and advancing their understanding of human rights, conflict resolution and social justice. They should develop a sense that human interdependence and the fragility of the world order require a concept of citizenship which is global as well as local and national.

Celebrating Culture and Community: At Grove House we aim to become a centre of community life, culture and thought to help counter the loss of community outside the school.

Exploring, Knowing, Understanding and Making Sense: At Grove House we aim to give children the opportunity to encounter, explore and engage with the wealth of human experience and the different ways through which humans make sense of the world and act upon it.

Download Curriculum Maps Below: