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Learning Environment

Grove House Infant School is situated in a quiet road just outside the main shopping centre in Dereham. St Nicholas Junior School is in very close proximity to Grove House.

Grove House Infant School consists of a large central hall and four large teaching areas on the ground floor, each with a door leading to the grounds. The school is on two levels with wide entrance doors for wheelchair access and a stair lift for access to the first floor. The ground floor comprises of teaching areas with the first floor comprising of an ICT suite of computers, library and four small group teaching spaces used for intervention and support teachers.

We have a large well stocked library, and a network of computers and laptops spread out among the classrooms and each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and laptop. Audio visual equipment and musical instruments are used throughout the school.

Our extensive grounds provide us with the children’s playground and equipment, climbing frame and pirate ship, football pitch and a large playing field with wooded areas.

We are fortunate to be able to provide a high quality of school lunches, which are served in the main hall.