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School Visits

The children have the opportunity to take part in educational day visits.

These activities are funded by voluntary contributions and cannot go ahead with them.  There is no obligation to contribute and all children will be able to participate regardless of whether their parents are able to contribute.  However, if contributions are insufficient to meet the costs, the activity may have to be cancelled.

For all out of school activities you will be asked to sign a permission slip.

All school trips relate to our curriculum and are planned well in advance to ensure our children have the opportunity to visit popular places of interest.


Previous trips have included:

  • Norwich Castle
  • Melsopps Farm
  • Bewilderwood
  • The Dinosaur Park and the local Sealife Centre

At Grove House we value being part of the local community.  Key personnel from local businesses and public services regularly attend our school to offer support and guidance and enhance the curriculum being taught.  An excellent example of the community working together was our celebration in April 2011 of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

In addition, we like to visit local businesses. Past and present trips include:

  • Tescos
  • Bishops Bonner Cottage
  • Morrisons