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Teaching and Learning

At Grove House we understand that not all children within a class group are able to cope with new concepts at the same time or develop new skills at the same speed, so we adopt a differentiated approach to learning.

At Grove House a variety of teaching styles are used including whole class teaching, mixed or similar ability groups, small group work and one to one teaching. We also recognise that not all children learn in the same way; we therefore use a wide variety of teaching and learning styles when we teach. Styles could include visual, auditory or kinaesthetic stimulus. The approach chosen will depend on the individual child and the subject being studied to ensure the maximum progress of every child.

Throughout the school the children are based in classroom areas, spending most of their time with their specific class teachers. Overall the staff works as a team; collaboratively planning, assessing and strengthening their teaching.

Reading scheme

Across the federation we use colour book bands to indicate the reading level of each book. We have a wide selection of different reading books that have all been grouped according to reading level into a colour band. As your child's reading skills develop they will move through the coloured book bands. We use these reading books for individual reading, for guided reading in small groups and as reading books for the children to take home to read.


Across the federation we teach phonics daily in each class. We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics teaching programme, which is set out into different phases of learning based on age and ability. We also teach Jolly Phonics in the foundation stage to help children learn the initial letters and sounds.