Children in the early years at Grove and Kings Park schools are encouraged to be unique motivated individuals who build resilience and develop excellent communication and social skills. We teach them to be kind, polite, empathetic and considerate to all. They learn to be accepting of themselves and share their own valuable cultures and beliefs. This in turn enables them to progress throughout their school life and enter into the wider world with high aspirations and equip them with high functional life skills.

All children will enjoy and discover the ‘wonder of the world’. Embracing the freedom of our stimulating and inspiring outdoor learning environment. It is here that children learn to manage risk and develop independence through play. The outdoor surroundings nurture’s curiosity, creativity and never lets us forget that children need to be children. Problem solving becomes a natural progression from these characteristics of learning, allowing children to extend and challenge education independently.

The classrooms are well-resourced enabling environments, fully immersed in topic questions set to spark interest, introduce new words and expand all areas of learning. Displays and learning journeys are good evidence of how creative thinking is prominent within our early years. Children’s interests are observed and child initiated ideas are carefully woven into planning giving all children a voice and chance to lead their own curriculum.

Trips out of school are organised regularly which enriches the curriculum further. They give children real life experiences which stimulates all of the children’s senses. This in turn helps the children to embed learning and exposes them to new opportunities.

We believe that children learn best when they feel happy, safe and secure. To do this we fully embrace parental partnership working closely together giving everyone a chance to communicate information about children placed in our care.

If you would like further information about the curriculum please contact the school on 01362 694379 or via email [email protected]