The Charanga Musical School Scheme has been implemented across Early years and KS1 since September 2022 to ensure sufficient music curriculum coverage.  


At the federation of Grove House and King’s Park Infant school we recognise the important role of music in children’s development. Our intent is to provide children with the opportunity to access high quality music education that meets the national curriculum aim of ‘engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music’. Through the implementation of the Charanga Musical School Scheme of work, we hope to encourage children to express themselves musically and creatively. This is love of music is ignited through musical activities such as: games, singing, playing, improvising and composing. This love of music enables pupils to ‘increase their self – confidence, creativity and sense of achievement’. 


Children are given the opportunity to experience music in a range of contexts:  

  • Each class receive a weekly music lesson following the Charanga Musical School scheme. Through this scheme, children are taught to develop their musical understanding, make musical judgements, develop their aural memory, express themselves physically and emotionally and create their own musical ideas. Within this scheme, children use both voice and instruments (such as glockenspiel and recorder) to learn, perform, improvise and compose a range of pieces from across the ages and around the world. 
  • Music has an important role in our whole school celebrations throughout the year, with children learning and performing songs for events such as harvest festival, Christmas and Easter. These celebrations are shared with parents.  



As a result of the musical curriculum that we offer, we hope that the children of Grove House and king’s Park Infant School will be able to develop a passion and love for music, enabling them to increase their self – confidence and creativity.  

How will we know this?  

  • Evidence on Charanga reflecting pupil’s individual learning and progress with learning objectives linked to the national curriculum or the EYFS Early Learning Goals.  
  • Feedback from pupils through pupil surveys.  


Charanga Musical School Curriculum Overview         

The Charanga Musical School Scheme provides teachers with week-by-week lesson support for each year group in the school. It provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression, and engaging and exciting whiteboard resources to support every lesson. The Scheme supports all the requirements of the national curriculum. In line with the curriculum for music and guidance from Ofsted, this Scheme moves away from the previous levels and learning objective/outcome concepts to an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning. 


How the scheme is structured 

Each Unit of Work focuses on the strands of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum for music: 

  1. Listening and Appraising 
  1. Musical Activities 
  1. Warm-up Games 
  1. Optional Flexible Games 
  1. Singing 
  1. Playing instruments 
  1. Improvisation 
  1. Composition 
  1. Performing 


Mastery in  Music Lessons 

Charanga Musical School Units of Work enable children to understand musical concepts through a repetition-based approach to learning. Learning about the same musical concept through different musical activities enables a more secure, deeper learning and mastery of musical skills. The teacher, is able to plan and provide the opportunity to embed a deeper learning, knowledge, understanding and skills.