School Council

School Council = We are the Voice of King’s Park!

Who are we?

Our School Council is run by a team of enthusiastic and confident children across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who all care about our school. They are supported by Miss Cunningham.

What do we do?

We meet regularly to discuss hot topics, share news and celebrate positivity. We listen to each other’s ideas on what is special to us or important to us at that time. We talk about what we would like to do more of or have more of in school and discuss any changes we would like to make.

What have we done already?

Last year we planned an end of year celebration for the WHOLE school. First we came up with lots of ideas then we emailed the Headteacher to share these. We organised a meeting with her to talk through what we wanted to do. This was a great opportunity for us to listen, negotiate and understand. Once we agreed a plan, we made posters for around the school to tell everyone of our great idea! We also wrote a letter to send to the grown ups at home.

What did we do?

We planned a Wonderfully Wet Water Day which was absolutely Wicked, Wondrous and totally Worthwhile! It was WOW!

What will we do next?

This year we are excited to embark on a new challenge and have started discussing how we can make our brilliant school even better!

Watch this space…

for more School Council News!